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제목 2014년 제3회 동계학술대회 연자 CV (Dr. Keith Harding)


Keith Gordon Harding

Present appointment:

Head of Department of Dermatology & Wound Healing (Cardiff University) and

Clinical Director (Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust)


Wound Healing, Cardiff University

School of Medicine, Upper Ground Floor

Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XN

Telephone number:

Email address:

Tel:     029 20744505

Fax:    029 20746334

hardingkg@cf ac.uk



MB ChB University of Birmingham 1976

MRCGP Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, London 1987

FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, London 1998

FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians 2009

Professional registration:

GMC Registration No: 2301909

Previous and other appointments:

01/08/09 to-date   Head of Department of Dermatology & Wound Healing

2005 to-date                     Head of Department of Wound Healing

2002 - 2005                       Appointed as Head of Academic Department of Surgery

1991 – 2002                      Director of Wound Healing Research Unit

Initially Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation (Wound Healing), University of Wales College of Medicine.

1980 – 1991                      Principal in General Practice Central Cardiff

1976 – 1979                      Junior hospital appointments Birmingham and Cardiff

1997                                 Appointed to Chair in Rehabilitation (Wound Healing)

Research experience:

1976 to-date:                    Approximately 200 clinical trials on skin and soft tissue wounds.

Research training:

2007                                       GCP & the EU Directive training

September 2009                 ICHGCP Training

Recent Publications:

Hill, K.E., Malic, S., McKee, R., Rennison, T., Harding, K.G., Williams, D.W., & Thomas, D.W. (2010). An in vitro model of chronic wound biofilms to test wound dressings and assess anitmicrobial susceptibilities. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Advanced Access published April 8, 2010.

Leaper, D., & Harding, K. (2010). Antimicrobials and antiseptics. Journal of Wound Technology, 7, 20-21.

Patel, G.K., Davies, W.L., & Harding, K.G. (2010). Management of patients with pressure ulcers. MIMS Dermatology, 6(1), 46-48.

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Cardinal, M., Eisenbud, D.E., Armstrong, D.G., Zelen, C., Driver, V., Attinger, C., Phillips, T., & Harding, K. (2009). Serial surgical debridement: A retrospective study on clinical outcomes in chronic lower extremity wounds. Wound Rep Reg, 17, 306-311.

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            edited by Richard White and Keith Harding, Volume II (Chapter 2), 41-66.