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제목 2014년 제3회 대한당뇨발학회 동계학술대회
- 일시 : 2014년 2월 15일(토)
- 장소 : 삼성서울병원 본관 지하 1층 대강당
Time Topic Speaker
8:00 Registration  
8:50 Opening and Welcome 회장 김동익
9:00 Session 1 : Diabetic Foot in Korea : Present and Future (English)
좌장 : 최승석 & 김현동
  DM foot in Rehabilitation Medicine 황지혜(삼성서울병원)
  DM foot in Vascular Surgery 김장용(서울성모병원)
  DM foot in Plastic Surgery 한승규(고대구로병원)
  DM foot in Orthopaedic Surgery 이경태(이경태정형외과)
10:00 Session 2 : Special Lecture (English)
좌장 : 김동익
  Title : Infection, Wound Healing and Team Work in Diabetic Foot
Speaker : Dr. Keith Harding (Cardiff University, UK)
10:30 Coffee break  
11:00 Session 3 : Case Based Discussion (English)
좌장 : 홍준표, 박경희
  Variable Problem Cases in Neuropathic, Ulcer and Vasculopathic Diabetic Foot
Pannel : Keith Harding, Benjamin A. Lipsky, 최승석, 이영구, 허승
11:45 Session 4 : Special Lecture (English)
좌장 : 이경태
  Title : The New Diabetic Foot Infection Guidelines &
Update on Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis
Speaker : Dr. Benjamin A. Lipsky (Univ. of Washington, Univ. of Oxford)
12:10 Session 5 : Presidential Lecture (English)
좌장 : 박종권
  Title : Stem Cell Therapy in Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
Speaker : Dr. Dong-ik Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ. Samsung Medical Center)
12:30 General Assembly  
12:40 Lunch  
13:30 Session 6 : Diabetic Foot Infection
좌장 : 윤상섭, 양기원
  Characteristic of Diabetic Foot Infection (Overview) 신동혁(건국대병원)
  Clinical Manifestations and Drainage 김진수(노원을지병원)
  Radiologic Evaluation of Diabetic Foot Infection 최윤선(노원을지병원)
  Antibiotic Treatment in Diabetic Foot infection Dr. Benjamin A. Lipsky
14:30 Session 7 : Renal Diabetic Foot
좌장 : 한승규, 황지혜
  Renal Diabetic Patients and Foot Problems 곽희철(부산백병원)
  Nephrologic Problems and Diabetic Foot 성수아(노원을지병원)
  Renal Diabetic Foot and Vascular Problems 박종권(해운대백병원)
15:15 Coffee Break  
15:40 Session 8 : Case Based Discussion
좌장 : 정형진, 박기혁
Pannel : 김준형, 박영욱, 윤상섭, 김명신
16:30 Session 9 : Miscellaneous
좌장 : 이일재, 김희정
  Diabetic Foot Nail Problems and Treatment 안규중(건국대병원)
  OPD Base Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment 한은진(신촌세브란스병원)
  Devices Using Treatment for Diabetic Foot 이영구(부천순천향병원)
  Skin Rehabilitation for Diabetic Foot 오정옥(오정옥피부재활센터)
17:30 Closing